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Is University a waste of time?

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In some cases
Only arts courses are a waste of time
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Yes! And who cares? "All art is quite useless" - Oscar Wilde
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University- is it worth it?

Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:40 pm

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Tue Jun 19, 2007 2:59 pm

I would say never as, despite which degree you are doing, the social atmosphere of uni is one which is usually very diverse in terms of ethnic and religious backgrounds and I think it helps you to get along with all different types of people-I was OK in that area anyway because I went to an international boarding school but I have met people at uni, who, until coming to uni, had never seen a black person other than celebrities, for example. Having said that, it's not true to all unis-my brother was at Exeter Uni which is largely dominated by white students from wealthy families and even my brother will admit this!

Tue Jun 19, 2007 7:02 pm

This is an interesting question which I have thought about a little before.

University is crucial for certain careers such as law and medicine and I'll often have admiration and respect for those studying or wishing to study at Uni. However, I have wondered whether it really is worth it. The fees are really high and some students seem to take forever paying off their debts. Even after graduation, there is no job guarantee. Sir Richard Branson and Sir Alan Sugar are both hugely successful and neither of them have a degree.

Tue Jun 19, 2007 7:52 pm

I voted for 'In Some Cases.' I myself am at Uni. Although I am only a year in I know that, for myself, University is most definititely not a waste of my time!!! I have learnt so much over the year and I believe that Uni has changed me as a person! I remember when I first started Uni I thought maybe I was too stupid to be there - getting good grades on assignments and lab reports was a massive boost to my ego.

Also, I got to meet a wide variety of people. There are plenty of people at Uni who are not 'cool' and who enjoy studying like I do; there's a good cross section. Although still a bit of a loner at heart I have made some new friends and am particularly close to those in my tutor group. One of the people I've made friends with is a boy; I've actually never been friends with a boy before! There are quite a few boys at Uni who seem like nice people; I have had bad experiences with boys in the past and at uni I've seen that not all boys are like that; I have become less narrow minded.

Most importantly, I am working hard and enjoying my work. The lectures are interesting and tutors at Uni are a lot more understanding of my dyspraxia than teachers were at school and college. My course (psychology) does not require me to spend a lot of time actually attending lectures and so is a great chance for me to work on my assignments and use my child care qualification in getting child care part time jobs during the week when not in lectures. Psychology is interesting and I do hope to use the qualification in some way when I leave Uni. However even if I don't use it I will have gained a lot out of the Uni experience.

I'll be honest and say that psychology is also the sort of course that lots of people don't use when people finish Uni. I admit that I worry about finding a job sometimes when I've finished the degree and about paying off the loan. I do not live in but I think lots of people do go to Uni simply to have a good time and don't make it their aim to do lots of work but their aim to meet people and have fun. I would argue though, that even this is not simply a waste of time...after Uni comes (hopefully for most people) full time employment and starting a family...Uni is perhaps the main opportunity for some people to have a good time. And if people don't work hard enough then they soon get thrown off when they fail their end of year exams...

In some cases people end up regretting going to Uni because off the pressure of living away from home/choosing the wrong course/the loan etc. That's why in some cases Uni can, indeed, be a waster of time. However at University people often make long lasting friendships, perhaps long lasting girlfriends/boyfriends, learn a lot, have a good time etc. so I think in most cases Uni is not a waste of time.

Tue Jun 19, 2007 8:47 pm

its alot of dosh nahhhhhhhh not realy helps if ya clever
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