Truanting from school

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Re: Truanting from school

Postby Remus » Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:52 pm

Syrons wrote:I was bulled in some shape of form everyday when I was in school, I got shove everywhere into doors, into lockers, I was the kid who got penutted every time, to being kicked everywhere, to being knee in the stomach, to be being called a cheat in my exams, who had to sort there tie out, and guess what teacher come and look at ties, yes I wasn’t wearing my tie, detention Ian!... and much more but this isn’t a contest who got bullied the worse. I got fed up know and knew I wasn’t learning anything at all, for the whole five years of secondary school, which mattered. For me personally if I gave in, and leaved school, they would have won in my head... I would have had greater psychological problems, seeing people from my previous school, knowing they defeated me. Yes they bullied me all the time, one thing they can’t say, is they made me surrounded... Now I don’t trust anyone, not even many of my family members... I do judge people so much now, that making friends, sometimes feels a lose cause for myself... Still I try, but generally I don’t enjoy peoples company, I just not met people who I understand, who the sort of people, I look in a friend, I think them sort of people, are far few between, but at least I have one!

Same here, Ian. Everything was fine in primary school. Secondary school was hell and I was bullied for five years straight. Most of the time it was verbal bullying, little was physical although someone did try to strangle me once. The person in question was doing it as a joke as you can imagine, I didn't really find it funny. Like you, I also am very judgemental of people these days and I'm not that trusting, I trust very few people. Still, at least I have a few friends and DT to confide in.

I only ever truanted from PE lessons where the PE teachers didn't even notice I was gone.
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