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Re: Religion????

Postby in_the_shadows » Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:27 pm

magnificentjosh wrote:1. I used to not care
2. Now I think religion's nothing special, and should have no more protection than conspiracy theories
3. Religion is an active detriment to humanity's progress
4. "No God" is a simpler, and therefore more likely, state than "God"

Occam's razor huh? I agree with most of what you've said logically, but at the same time isn't it possible that some people need a religion? Personally I don't believe we actually have the capacity to understand half of what we might think's out there, let alone what really is (admittedly I don't have a strong belief in reality so it's all less relevant, but for argument's sake..). Of course it's possible to further our knowledge, but does having a God really restrict that? Plenty of scientists believe in God, and the more complex everything becomes, the more they believe. Religion and science don't necessarily have to conflict unless they are believed to be conflicting in the first place. And some people need an explaination (...I've created my own sort of religion (I'm not sure I believe in it)).. otherwise life might seem kinda meaningless which, surely, would be worse than having a 'God of the gaps'... It's impossible (for most people) to survive solely on logic (I mean love can be logically explained but in doing so it looses some of it's charm) and the idea of a God seems prettier than emptyness somehow (depending on one's viewpoint). If one considers the bible to be more an analogic description of the world rather than something factual then it adds a sense of awe that logic couldn't necessarily. Maybe it's meant to be percieved in a different fashion from 'fact'. A book of poetry would be impossible to relate to a maths textbook, the same could be true of religion and science, they involve different sorts of thinking, and the concepts aren't all that relatable (religion exists as a moral guide, more than purely an explaination (God may not matter at all), and science as a practical one.. Plato used analogies in his works as well, but they were never misrepresented as literal truth, which is what many athiests now see the bible as). The whole idea of God's existance being illogical depends on what 'God''s meant to be anyway, admittedly the Judeo-Christian God doesn't seem all that plausible... but it's possible to consider 'God' to be nothing more than the reason for the universe's existence (whatever that is- and not so much an entity in itself). But perhaps it doesn't matter if it's impossible, if it comforts people, than does it really matter? Although I might not believe in invisible unicorns, if someone else does then the unicorns might as well exist for them. In the end it doesn't matter that they don't. So I wouldn't say religion's detrimental or even particuarly relatable to humanity's progress...

Not sure if that actually made any sense (and God knows how many times I repeated myself (I should probably try and find another phrase, used the word 'God' far too much there)) and if I just bored everyone to death, sorry... still I've never really studied the bible, peace. ^^
Should probably warn you all; I tend to write in a kind of stream of conciousness... for which I am very sorry

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