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Re: margaret thatcher

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:09 pm
by Maximus
Dan wrote:She did a lot of good things early on in her term but seemingly went a little bit power-hungry later. The victory in the Falklands solidified her following and her confidence, which inevitably lead to some hugely unpopular decisions which eventually lead to her being ousted. She was a very strong woman and I think her leadership was stronger than most other prime ministers, I just think she was a bit far-reaching with privatisation and welfare cuts. One of her unpopular decisions which I happen to think was good was standing up to the miners' unions after stockpiling coal.

To a point I agree. She was more of a pragmatist than some believe, as you say with stockpiling of coal before taking on and defeating the Unions. She was also vehemently (quite rightly) opposed to Maastricht after she left power. Ultimately, she was the leader this country needed at the time even if caricaturing her now is a lazy and easy vocation.