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Video Game Thread

Postby Taradino_Cassat » Fri May 05, 2006 10:18 pm

just so there is a little more "etc" in this forum,
What's your favourite Video game of all time?
What does your ideal video game have?Beautiful Graphics or Intense Storyline or addictive Gameplay?
How many do you have?
Wii? Xbox360? PS3? Choose!
Are movies based on Video games always bad?
Have you ever been moved to tears by a video game?
Have you ever gotten emotionly attached to a character who gets killed right before your eyes?

Feel free to add more questions or your answers!
My Favourite Video game of all time would have to be Resident evil, I still jump at the scary bits and still laugh at the horrible translations

Graphics don't really matter to me, I still play Castle Wolfenstein, seeing as that game doesn't really have a storyline I'm going to say my Ideal video game has addictive gameplay
Ha, I count about 80 there and that's minus the PSX games and gameboy/advance and DS games

Wii! LikeI said before graphics don't matter to me and apparently Wii isn't going to be as powerful in that regard but it's innovative controller will make fore some addictive gameplay

Ha in my opinion yes they are always bad, I was disgusted by the Resident Evil movies and Aliens Vs Predator and Super Mario Brothers, thelist goes on...

Oh why did I ask this question? So embarrasing! Oh well, In X-wing alliance there is a mission where your in game family get destroyed right before your eyes, I got really angry and started to fly right towards the Star Destroyer that did them in but my droid co-pilot was pleading with me to turn back and flee, I was like "Nooooo!"as the droid took over control of the ship and made us flee into hyperspace to safety. I get really into my video games, it's why I like them so much.

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2, she was a zombie killing machine but a real enigma as far as what goes on underneath, it's only when she is bleeding out in your arms that she finally tells you that she's a spy only interested in stealing the G-virus. She was my favourite character in the entire game and she is killed just like that, i suppose I could have used this as an answer to the above question but she went out with style and flare that got me hooked on her personality in the first place.

Well there you have it, I'm interested to know your answers and questions too.
If you can find a Videogame you can beat me at I'll give you $1000000.

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