A scanner darkly

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A scanner darkly

Postby intowiz » Tue Apr 17, 2007 9:41 pm

i wonder if anyone else ahs seen it. its by richard linklatter so taht amkes it instantly good.
its set in teh future where tehre is a new drug called substance D. in the future there are suits worn by undercover cops who dont want to give there identity to teh authority. it follows a xcharacter weho is one who is assighned to watch himself, unknownst to the peaple who works for due to teh suit. the scanners are set in his house so they watch him and his friends. this character is a substance d user who after a while he is blurred between reality, refefring to himself as another person.
im not explaining well but type a scanner darkly in on google and check imdb.
tehre are also videos on youtube
the novel its based on was based on the author and his friends during the 70's and how drugs destroyed tehre lives.
i suggest everyone see this film.
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