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2 factual books concerning A and E departments

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:07 pm
by Steph
They are "In Stitches" by Nick Edwards and "Trust Me, I'm a Junior Doctor" by Max Pemberton. I know not everyone will be interested in reading such books but, for people who are into that sort of real life, gripping drama, they're both fantastic reads. I read the former in 2 hours today-I got rather sidetracked-I was meant to be reading up on the Bangkok guidebook I had just bought on account of me travelling there in a few months time! Just one word of warning-in the former book, the author is rather derogatory about people with personality disorders so, for anyone on here who either has a personality disorder or has close and personal experience of them through friends or relatives, be aware that it could be highly upsetting to you (I found it a bit harsh myself and I don't have a personality disorder) but, other than that, they're both really great books and I'd recommend them to anyone who has an interest in the medical profession (I do-I dreamed of being a doctor when I was younger but sadly my lack of fine motor skills and lack of B grades or above in Maths and Science at GCSE put paid to that dream-shame as I still read medical textbooks for fun and my idea of heaven on earth would be categorising and updating medical records!). Next on my list is "Blood, Sweat and Tea"-a true life account of the average working life of a paramedic, if there is such a thing!