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Out of the Blue

Postby Remus » Sun Feb 01, 2009 1:59 am

Has anybody seen this before? It is an Australian drama set in Sydney, Manly about a group of friends who have this reunion party after years of seeing each other and in the space of 48 hours a dead body is found in the ocean and everone is wondering when one of their friends could be capable of murder. Nothing like a good murder mystery!


It was owned by BBC until they axed it after just one series and Five bought the rights to all 130 episodes. The BBC axed it because it wasn't pulling in the viewers only about 80k but I blame the BBC for that. For one, it was put on BBC one at 1pm and I mean who is at home to watch it at that time. I watched most of the episodes on the BBC iPlayer. Secondly, it got moved to BBC two after viewing numbers went down which made it even worse and thirdly, it was constantly getting moved around and cancelled because of the olympics, tennis and other sports. Now though, it is doing rather well in Australia and other european countries.

I watched nearly every episode and I love the actors who were just great, beautiful setting and the storylines just kept you on edge! It is starting back up on Fiver on Monday 2nd of February at 7:30pm and I really hope it does better with this timeslot! I really recommend it to you if you love soap dramas!
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