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Godlimations: The Trapped Series and Vorago

Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:54 pm

Note: I started writing this in the fun forum but I thought with these games especially Vorago, they are fun but serious too so I'm posting them here.


I just had to post these games and this amazing site. Godlimations is my all-time favourite gaming site. I first found it when I came across the game Trapped on another site and instead fell in love with it.


The Trapped Series is made up of three games: Trapped, Pursuit and Escape. All the game are point and click. It has an amazing storyline, the game is just fantastic and the voice actors are just really professional. It starts out following Dan McNeely when he wakes up with no memory and trapped in a bathroom and then it suddenly evolves into this massive storyline. In Pursuit and Escape, you control another character called Dialla Reinheart who has a big role also in the series. I love this series, I remember when me and other fans we waiting for Escape to come out, it went way passed it's release day and it was murder waiting for it. I love all three but I personally love Pursuit's ending, what a cliffhanger! A fourth game is coming out which was really unexpected as Escape was supposed to be the final game. Haven't got a clue how it is going to continue after the ending of Escape but it should be good. Play this series, it's awesome!


Patrick the owner of the site who is just an awesome game designer recently released another new game called Vorago. I just played it today and just wow. Speechless. It's shocking, amazing, depressing, tragic, powerful. Here's the description for you:

"Derived from latin "The pit/abyss" Vorago sets itself in a small town off the interstate stumbled upon by a couple under most unfortunate circumstances. After the tragic loss of their daughter, Ira and Jonathan find themselves in a car accident with no direction. When the couple reach the nearest town, a loud warning siren sounds off as a mysterious fog covers the atmosphere."

Many people have compared it to that film "The Mist" which I haven't seen but I've seen the trailer and I did think of that film when playing. The graphics are just astounding, the voice actors once again professional and the storyline is just wow. It's a quite religious game which I'm glad because that's what makes it good but be prepare for some strong language and gore. The ending is just so tragic, a real heartbreaker but it's a game what really makes you open your eyes.
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