True life abuse and deprivation memoirs

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True life abuse and deprivation memoirs

Postby Steph » Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:25 pm

I was wondering if anybody else on here reads a lot of these. I own a lot of them-my family tell me I'm too morbid but I am interested in them from a psychological point of view. Are there any you would recommend if you are also interested in them? My favourite is "A Piece Of Cake" by Cupcake Brown (yes that is her real name!) She talks frankly and honestly about her addiction to Class A drugs, prostitution, sexual abuse and the time in her life when she was a member of the notorious Cribs gang in the USA. Some of the crimes she carried out as a gang member are unjustifiably atrocious but she accepts this fully and does not attempt to make excuses for them. She also talks candidly about her recovery and the long, tough rehabilitation programmes she was involved in. The writing style is difficult to understand in places as she can write in the same drawl she speaks in which seems horribly grammatically incorrect to the British reader (she is from the USA). Has anyone else read this? If so, what did they think of it?
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