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When arts and crafts sneak up on you

PostPosted: Fri May 13, 2011 10:39 pm
by rosefan42
So, um, hi, I'm Rosie, this feels weird, I've never been on a forum like this before. But i could really use some sort of advice here. BEing dyspraxic (duh) I obviously dropped Art, Design, etc as soon as I could in secondary schoo, and long before that I'd taken the "make no effort" approach. Seriously, my art is baaaaad. But even now i'm in college, age 17, arty things seem to creep up and cause me a huuuuuuge amount of stress.
Example; making revision cards or posters in class. I can deal with these usually, by just filling them with lots of text rather than pictures and designs, but it's the messy felt tip smudges and glue stains on my hands for the rest of the day that get noticed.
Or, for example, today - and this was the trigger for logging on here - I had to make a huge A1 poster for the class of 5-7 year olds I help with on saturdays. Just a general poster with the name of the school and twelve balloons or something - one for each month, it's so that each kid can stick a name tag in their birthday month.
I started out OK, drawing out the baloons by hand. They weren't stellar, but I got there. Then I decided to use some pastels. BIG MISTAKE. Two balloons in, and the whol ething was a mess of smudges.
I tired a different approach, cutting out circles and sticking them on with PVA glue. Trouble was, by this point I was quite het up and upset, and my hands were smudged and gluey, and even the backside of the poster (where attemp #2 was going to go) was quite smudged already.
The hwole thing literally ended in me sat at the kitchen table cryiung. I've got a slapdash poster thing now, so at least I'll hasve something for tomorrow's class, but it's bad, and i feel bad about it.
I just feel so helpless. I feel like veryone else could have come up with something so much neater, somuch better, in half the time it took me. And IT KEEPS HAPPENING. Even though i'm a very academic student, arts and crafts creep up in the most random of projects, and iut alwasys makes me so anxious and upset. Does anyone have any advice for how to cope or work around things like this??
THANK YOU. Sorry for the word vomit and typos haha, I;'m still a bit ugh.

Re: When arts and crafts sneak up on you

PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:03 pm
by xFCJ1995
I can really understand everything you've described!
For me i find it difficult because I'm quite creative and I know exactly how I want things to look, but somehow they never end up that way because it ends in some form of disaster, much like your troubles with the pastels and glue.

Though it's not something you can easily solve, I'd recommend when you have to do something crafty using products that don't allow you to have too much of a disaster, i.e.:

1. Sellotape instead of glue, and tape dispensers are even better as they safe faffing about with trying to cut the Sellotape
2. Colouring pencils/crayons instead of pastels/pens etc, as they are less easy to smudge
3. New scissors. this may sound bizarre but many people with dyspraxia are ambidextrous (meaning they are not specifically right or left handed, but can use both), but normal scissors are designed for right handed people, so it can sometimes help to buy left handed scissors, if you struggle with conventional right handed scissors
4. Working on smaller pieces of paper, as they are easier to manoeuvre

Hope this helps!