World Economic Crisis

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Postby Dan » Sun Aug 23, 2009 6:15 pm

Hermionefan5 wrote:A lot of the big chain stores are closing here. Circuit City, the second largest electronics store chain in the country just closed all its stores. The big three auto companies are pretty much going bankrupt and many other stores just shut their doors. It's a bad looking situation. It may not be as bad as the 1930s depression, but it's bad and I can't see that it will be fixed in a year or so. I hope President Obama can help turn things around. I believe in him. I believe if we work together we can get it to turn around. Recessions are a natural part of the economy. They happened here in the 1980s and they are happening now. This is just a big one.

Obama cannot fix the recession, it requires all world leaders. I hate it when people assume that only the Americans can fix international issues. They're the people who started the recession with their ridiculous loans, it affected the whole world and now we're all paying the price.

Also, I can say now that this recession is worse than the 1992. I'm sorry about the fact I was wrong but at the time that's what the evidence suggested.
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