Hi everyone at my wits end

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Hi everyone at my wits end

Postby Margy » Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:34 pm

I am the parent of a teen who I strongly suspect is dyspraxic and I am at my wits end. For years I have suspected a problem and have been sent with my son to psychologists only be virtually be told that I am a neurotic mother and that all my son's problems stem from my poor parenting skills. Well I have an older child who doesn't seem to have any problems.

Since he was in infants I have been asking the school to get an assessment - all they managed was a test for dyslexia (but I know he isn't dyslexic) and they were vague about what they found. All through primary school he was subjected to bullying - he has now moved up to secondary school and for a while the bullying increased dramatically. The bullying has improved but my son's difficulties are just getting worse and getting any help is like trying to fly to the moon without a rocket.

Eventually after me throwing a complete dolly at the school the school nurse contacted me and said I think your son is dyspraxic (which I already suspected but having been told by people who think they know better had sort of dismissed it). I have now gone through the 'proper' channels to get an assessment and have been told that the wait is 2 years. Well 2 years is just too long for my son now as he is already becoming disengaged at school - which is a shame as he is very bright child but because he can't express himself in the way that is demanded he is falling further and further behind. This along with the social problems he has is just making him more and more depressed, angry and frustrated - and doing the same with me. I know I could try a private assessment but I am a single parent on a low income and there is no way I could afford this.

Sorry to have gone on but I am at my wits end over all this - no one seems to care - and I would welcome any help or advice anyone can give me.
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Re: Hi everyone at my wits end

Postby monkey » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:42 am

That is nto good. Some peopel here might have soem ideas. I hope taht thigns get beter.
Take care
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Re: Hi everyone at my wits end

Postby Cynamon » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:19 pm

Welcome to DT. I don't have any advice for you but I know what your son is going through. I never managed to get a diagnosis in school, and I'm still trying now.

My GP is trying to find a way for me to be assessed at the moment.

Re: Hi everyone at my wits end

Postby xLittleHannahx » Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:25 pm

Hi. Ive had exactly the same problem! My mum suspectied i was dyspraxic since i was about 5/6 years old when she stubled across it looking for information on dyslexia. The school also tested me for dyslexia when i was in year 9, so about 14, and was very very vauge; some schools dont like accepting dyslexia/dyspraxia as they dont want to help, thats the harsh truth of it really. Im now 18 and got diagnosed two weeks ago and thats only because i needed a dyslexia assesment for uni after the age of 16, which the school refused me, by a educational psychologist and my mum suggested i may be dyspraxic so the lady tested me for this aswell. Just keep to what you think and keep pushing for it because eventually your son will get the help he needs.
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Re: Hi everyone at my wits end

Postby uni68 » Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:02 pm

to be honest both the schools i attended only ever bothered to test for dyslexia and knew nothing about dysrpaxia my mum thourght i had it for years but i worked twice as hard to get where i wanted i suppose it took me till my last year of uni to get tested myself. ive heard off a few people that going to your gp is probably the best option, my sister in laws mum works in a field of helping kids with disabilities at a school and she said the best option was to go to the gp to me originally as id of got help with exams in school driving test etc
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