Hi from New Zealand

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Hi from New Zealand

Postby Cathy_Kiwi » Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:40 am

Hi Everyone,

My name is Cathy and my daughter is Stephanie who is 18 and has dyspraxia. I know that when I tell Steph about this site tomorrow morning she will be so excited to join and meet you all too!

I joined tonight as I am so worried about her. She is a lovely girl with such a good heart but is socially isolated. Her only close friends are neighbours who are aged 7 & 8. We have tried going to after school clubs etc but nobody really wants to know her as she is slower and I know it sounds awful but teenagers her own age seem almost embarrassed when she is with them so she doesnt bother anymore. What makes it so much worse is that she has a younger sister who is really popular and is invited to everything and is now out all the time with her friends. She spends more and more time alone and on the computer listening to music, just bored all the time and so lonely. I take her out all the time and today we went rollerblading which was great fun (and she didnt fall once!) but she needs so much more than just me. She needs friends.
Im sure you have your own experiences, I would love to know how to help her with this.
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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Postby jules » Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:38 pm

Hi Cathy,

My name is Julie and I have a 12 year old boy called Sean who suffers from Dyspraxia I found this out when he was around 4 years old, he has the same problem where he tends to hang around with just one boy his best friend who has the same problem but now we have found out he is moving to Wales because his parents have split up this just like yourself is very worrying, the one good thing you have on your side is girls dont mind going out with mum but with boy`s it`s just not cool, ive tried with football clubs but because of the condition he just get`s very frustrated, last week i received a call from School to say he had been fighting again very upsettling.

Sometimes I think we blame 2 much on this condition Cathy when you think about it how many teenagers are so shy, I hope you dont worry too much, the one thing I keep telling myself is he`s not in pain [hold that thought Cathy)

Take care
Julie :lol:
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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Postby Remus » Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:10 pm

Hi Cathy, I'm Remus and welcome to DT.

I can totally related to that situation and can understand why you worried. I'm 18 too and have been through experiences like that. I found in secondary school, my life was awful, I was very lonely and very isolated but as soon as I moved onto college and studying a course of my choice and what I loving doing, I found I got on better and made a few friends as we being on the same course, have similar interests. What is your daughter currently doing if I may enquire?

Sadly I cannot relate to that one as all my siblings are a lot older than me but I can appreciate that being difficult having a young sibling as confident as anything. It is extremely good you go out together to places and spent time with each other, I find that quite a positive thing to do.
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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Postby Steph » Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:45 pm

Hi Cathy :D Your daughter sounds a lot like me! I have moderate dyspraxia and Aspergers Syndrome and am 23. I have never been a particularly social person although the friends I do have I love very dearly. My younger sister is what can best be termed a "social butterfly"-she has always had loads of friends and can talk to anyone with ease, much like your youngest child by the sounds of it. I used to be very jealous of my sister as she found socialising so easy and was so likeable in terms of both looks and personality. It took the divorce of our parents to bond us and now we get on very well. Everybody has their own flaws-my sister is very physically attractive and intelligent yet always puts herself down, calling herself "fat" and "a dumb blonde". Even the most sociable and popular people have issues and aspects of themselves that they dislike. I hope that, in time, your daughter will gain friends who respect her and like her for who she is. In the meantime, it is great that the 2 of you have such a strong relationship.

From another Steph :D
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Re: Hi from New Zealand

Postby monkey » Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:03 am

Welcome. I am from new zealand also.
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