My story

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My story

Postby James Brimer » Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:12 pm

Hi, My name is James, Yes my name is my user-name. So, let us begin....

I will start my story of by describing myself. I am 14. I have been diagnosed with various conditions - though parents hadn't told me before, I only found out a month ago, until then I knew I was different, but not why... I am about 5 foot, 4 & 1/2 inches. I weigh about eight and a half stone. My voice is almost exactly like that of Matt Smith, though I speak slowly and in a mono tone. I am told I look like Matt Smith, but my hair is curly. I usually wear a pair of combat trousers, a loose 15-16 t-shirt - because it hangs away from my skin - and a big blue jumper, finish the image of with a pair of size 9 walking boots and voilà, you have an accurate description of me.

Before I go into my earliest memories, I wish to tell you a little about my various "Gifts".
To make a long photograph short here's a list - Dyspraxia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Heavily Suspected Irlen Syndrome. I son't know if this is normal, but when I close my eyes I see coloured shapes moving around - like they are in a whirl pool, blur coloured shapes... Also when I look around normally I see these little black and white spots - did I mention I take things very literately? - though after several years of training I can now understand sayings, such as "a lick and a promise" which actuarially means a half hearted effort - which in its self means you have got half a job done. Why do people speak in cryptic???

Because I could - and probably would make you bored by me writing paragraphs about my child hood - I won't. I will desribe the world as I understand and see it. For those students studying Dyspraixa and weather or not to give a diagnosis, listen to this... This is what it is like when you haven't been given a diagnosis: You feel like a freak - an out cast from other people - they laugh at you all the time because you don't like meeting new people - they make fun of the way you speak - the way you walk - that you can't catch a ball. It biulds up slowly, but that feeling of alone never goes, it just sits there at the back of your mind.. Without the diagnosis I couldn't get the support I needed. With a diagnosis you feel like that weight has been lifted. You know you are different and you know why. Though at this point I fell the urge to pint out, What is normal?? - It is simply the majority. That's it, were the minority so therefore we are the "Freaks" (I hate that name, Don't you??).
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Re: My story

Postby abi » Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:51 pm

in some ways you sound like me, the light and sound dislike, scouting, st john, love of bush-craft, more of an intrest in dead languages than modern ones. i was home ed for a few years too, when i told my parents just how little school was doing for me, and i liked it too, but im in college now, its a lot better than school, in many ways.

hope you like the forum, and if you have any questions, ASK.
the way i see it, dyspraxia is an extra hurdle in every race i run, but that extra hurdle, is just extra exercise, so in the end, i will come through stronger.
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