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Postby haemopath_bro » Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:07 am

hi im anna. im 15 and i live in nz. i found out that i had dyspraxia when i was 10-11, but up until that point we thought that i had mild cerabal porsey. i love my school though i don't have many friends because they all go to other schools and since i lost my good friends in the 4th form i have become socally awkward. i don't even know why. i mostly wear a t-shirt (normally illicit high/univercity), a grey woolen hat or a fedora, skinny jeans, black doc martens with white guitars on the back and various bits of jewllery and studded things. my hobbies include reading/drawing manga (i specialize in half and non-humans), daydreaming, reading fiction and non-fiction books on myths and legends and cryptozoology, snowboarding, martial arts and messing around on facebook chatting with my friends in various places. i also <3 music. im a nice person and is friendly enough, i just don't have the confidence.

also smoeone just asked if i want to hang out with they're humongus group of friends (seriously there is like 20-30 people in it). what should i do
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Re: hi

Postby DystantMind » Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:19 pm

Hey Anna

It seems, like many of us here, you lack the confidence. I'd say that's one of the main issues we have to deal with. I haven't really overcome my lack of confidence yet, so I'm afraid I can't give much good advice. Just try to be yourself, even though because we're different it's going to be harder for us.

I get pretty anxious when I'm invitied in a big group of people, and even more so when I'm actually there. I just stand there without anything to say. It's amazing to me that people can find so much to talk about. I think my problem is that most talk is small talk, and I don't really do small talk which is why I never have anything to say. I could happily natter on about literature or life issues with people but unfortunately it wouldn't go down well. People our age usually like to go on about sports and their faveourite teams or who's getting with who. I don't really florish in those types of conversations. I don't like gossip much either. So if you say yes then you may end up going and feeling awkward as hell, but if you don't then well, you can't put off socialising forever can you?

Hope this has helped.

I'm James by the way and I'm 17 and I live in Lincolnshire UK :-)
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