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Postby wadey » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:56 pm

there this lecture at my college who is rubbish at marking, she will say that we havent submitted the merit and distinction work when we blantly have and she marked it! she also fails us all, but wont say what we need to do. today when i got an assignment back, on the brief it said i filed the pass, and didnt submit the merit and distinction when i did! on the feedback sheet she put you have mistunderstood the pass (not helpful at all). i showed it to my tutor who took it back and make this lecture mark the merit and distinction, as i didnt know what to do for the pass and didnt want to ask my tutor as i felt like it means i would be bothing her and as for the lecture well she wasnt too happy i complained about her so there was no way i was going to ask her i decide just to print it out agian and the lecture marked it and said it was much better. i cant see how it was much better as i didnt change it.
should i complain about her again or shall i leave it as i only got 1 week left at college? if i complain all they gonna do is talk to her and i very much doubt that will make a difference.
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