Dyspraxia, OCD & Intrusive thoughts

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Dyspraxia, OCD & Intrusive thoughts

Postby deks-tf » Sun May 27, 2012 11:34 pm

Hi everyone,

I was hoping some one could help, i was diagnosed with dyspraxia a few years ago while in uni.
Lately i havent been myself ive been dealing with alot of stress and quite out of sorts possibly depression for about 4 months.
However lately i have been dealing with intrusive thoughts that have came out of no were a month ago an now this brings more stress and depression and its like a vicious cycle.

I have never been diagnosed with OCD but my disability mentor did suggest possible OCD such as -
-checking ive locked my windows, doors and car up several times even though i know i have the first time.
-Washing my hands constantly (i work as a chef so i know alot about bacteria and have issues with cross contamination) but i was my hands regulary while im home
-Nail biting to relieve stress ( i know its a disgusting habit but it takes my mind from things and i have heard can be associated with OCD).
- i can have a one track mind at times an example say i am in work and cooking yet i have other jobs to do i see a task such as cleaning a particular piece of equipment and i obsess on that till its done neglecting what food i am cooking.

But i am a bit confused as at the same time i can be messy and disorganised (well only my room is ever unclean and when i do set out to clean it propely which is a rare occasion i do go overboard) and i am wondering is it possible for a person to be both ?

Anyway sorry for the rant but to sum up i am just wondering is it possible for both the conditions to co-exist
for people with intrusive thoughts how did you deal with the situation

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Re: Dyspraxia, OCD & Intrusive thoughts

Postby C » Tue May 29, 2012 8:02 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum :D

Your last post could have been written about me (other than the constant hand washing). I've actually been struggling a bit myself recently with my PhD course and anxiety issues (I've self diagnosed myself with agoraphobia as it's much worse when I go out). I've seen my GP and mentioned that I've recently been a bit more obsessive than usual. I used to get really obsessive as a child, lining my toys up in a certain way and counting things (e.g. the number of letters in each word when reading books, then say the title of the book out loud etc.) I've always had to check certain things; e.g. when I go to bed I check that my door is locked, my radiator is off (even if I haven't turned it on all day!), my bathroom light is off and the taps aren't running. The weird thing is, I have an onsuite bathroom so if the light is on I'd know because my bedroom would be light! I deal with this by trying to force myself not to check things more than once. When I check things I also say silently in my head that the light is off, the door is locked etc. The urge to check is like an itch that just wants to be scratched, but the problem is the more times you scratch it the worse it gets! So I try and only do it once, although this can be difficult.

I also bite my nails badly and get obsessed with getting to place on time (although I've heard people with OCD may be late for things due to checking etc., with me the need to get to places on time overrides this). I check my watch all the time for the hour or so before meetings. I check unimportant emails and sometimes will delete whole sentences then write them again without knowing why. I also sometimes get the urge to touch objects and pace up and down for no reason. I have horrible thoughts sometimes as well, like people in my family dying and how I'd cope with it if they did. I know people don't reccommend doing this but I just try to put them to the back of my mind, although this can be difficult, particularly at night. Anyway, the GP said it sounded like it could be OCD from what I was saying... although I thought it couldn't be because I don't do the stereotypical hand washing.

I think if you're at all worried, I'd recommend seeing your GP with a list of the OCD type symptomes you experience or a counsellor. I've heard cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can work well too.
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Re: Dyspraxia, OCD & Intrusive thoughts

Postby shezi » Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:52 am

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