favouring friends with girls?

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favouring friends with girls?

Postby bleashed » Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:40 pm

Hey there all this is my first post thought i would kick of with a question if anyone has this.Im bleashed male,16 :)

I was diagnosed with dyspaxia when i was 7 but i have never been fully statemented as i pretty much refused help as the help well wasn't really help at all- Teacher didn't know what the heck it was or/how to deal with it.

And from the age of 3-4 ive always had more friends that were girls than were guys.A lot more. In fact i never had friend that was a guy in till i was 11(he was also a dyspraxic)

anyway jumping to age 16 year 11 and ive finally found my ground again as secondary school completely shut me down for many years due to bulling and being completely overwhelming.So for some reason im drawn to befriending girls and i don't seem to want anything to do with guys my age?

A lot of the girls are good friends of mine and only a hand full know of my dyspaxia(my closes).But the other girls that have no idea that i even have anything mentally wrong with me (as they think im just werido) fine it strange that i want to hang around girls all the time?

what do you guys think? should i be more open with them i just dont want to use it as a 'saving grace' and does anyone else favor being around girls than guys?
thanks :)
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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby Dan D Lyons » Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:29 pm

There is nothing wrong with being a boy and befriending mostly girls. Don't change because other people find it odd - just do what you are comfortable with and be yourself.

Persionaly I find it easier to befriend girls or slightly more feminine guys as I don't have much in common with the uber male types.
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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby Steph » Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:45 pm

As Dan said, there is nothing wrong with being a boy and having friends who are mostly girls. I am the opposite as I am a girl and most of my friends who I feel most comfortable with are guys. I think the reason why a lot of dyspraxic people prefer friends of the other sex is because dyspraxia can make people different from the gender stereotype so a guy with dyspraxia may not get on well with most other guys who are very sporty etc just as I find it difficult to get on with a lot of girls because I'm not into fashion or celebrity gossip. It's just the way we are and there is nothing wrong with that. Hope that makes sense-I'm not expressing myself too clearly today.
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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby Remus » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:50 pm

I don't think it has anything to do with dyspraxia, it all boils down to personality and personal preference. Some people like to mix with a range of male and female where others may be more comfortable around girls or vice versa with guys and there is nothing wrong with that.
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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby Alice » Sun Sep 30, 2012 8:22 pm

I am female, but I'm more comfortable around males. I tend to have mixed friendship groups but I find girls and women allot harder to relate too and more intimidating at first.

Gender is just a small group of aspects in a whole personality, so having friends of mostly one gender doesn't limit you're social experiences.

Letting people know about your dyspraxia is fine, but automatically linking it to your tendency to like girl's company more and telling people this is the reason will probably lead people to beleive you chose you're friends out of low confidence rather than that you generally prefer them to any boys you might have befriended.
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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby Luna_is_so_cool_like » Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:02 am

I'm a girl, and I have more friends who are boys than girls. I think it's a dyspraxia thing.
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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby littlelissie » Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:57 am

I'm a girl and i actually find it very difficult to get on with other girls, i find boys much easier to get on with - which was difficult when i went to an all girl school and i'm in university halls which are single sex (luckily we have - rather cute - male next door neighbors though, so not complaining!)

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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby DyspraxicTechie » Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:13 am

Hey there fella I was quite lucky I had a friend through primary school he went to the same high school so I hung around with him a lot, but I had lots of female friends and still do I prefer their company I dont care about who knows about me and my "problems", I would also like to point out that my ex wife had lots of male friends my current gf has lots of male friends so dont worry about it,

I too was bullied at school for a few reasons yes I was different I also never had branded shoes Jeez man have you notice how fast we go through shoes ? I was highly into music at school spent most of my school days in the music room even after school I would go in the music room and play drums (I found learning to play drums helped with my coordination Im also self taught but not good enough for bands timing is way out). I got sick of bullies but couldnt work out how to stop them and someone said why worry about it while they calling me they are leaving some other poor person alone and then I would get my break from it. I later left school and received a letter through the post explaining that I had been nominated for an award I was scared I did not want to go on stage in front of a school hall full of parents but I went they called my name for services to the music department Phil I thought I wouldnt get a clap how wrong was I the whole room was in uproar cheering whistling and stamping feet I felt soo happy it was fab

so in short there fella dont be ashamed of who you are what you do people (if they want to ) will love you for being you
Hope this helps
Blessings Phil x (ps Im not sorry about spelling and grammar lol )
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Re: favouring friends with girls?

Postby Dyspraxic bear » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:30 pm

All my friends are guys apart fro one tomboy one of my friends not the tomboy also wasn't " popular" and was dyspraxic another was dyslexic none of us were" cool" apart from the tomboy who was the most popular person in the class well it got us left alone without being hassled. i was teased and idiots thought I was cheating on people I wanted to kill them then I was talking to my dyspraxic friend and thisbguy started saying we werestupid and my friend half shouted we were dyspraxic and for him to look it up he also was talking about us being boyfriend and girlfreind
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