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Postby Remus » Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:43 pm

I posted this in a group on Facebook but I thought I will post it here too.

Any students on here or adult dyspraxics that could give me some advice, please? I'm going back to college in September to do my top-up degree and I'm in the middle for applying for student finance. I'm currently claiming ESA for chronic depression and social anxiety plus GAD but it is very confusing in terms of student finance although I am in talks with my advisor and a woman at the college. She sent me a sheet about DSA but I'm an undiagnosed dyspraxic. They suspected it when I was little but nothing was done about it then and I suffered through secondary school as a result even though I asked for a diagnosis several times at school. My form is mild, I mainly suffer with fine motor difficulties such as tying, doing buttons using cutlery, manual things such as sports, catching, carrying things, things such as knitting etc. I finally went for an examination years ago when I first started college, some sort of neuro doctor but he dismissed me straight away because I passed the whole pushing away, walk in the straight line type of things which I don't find trouble with which just depressed me because I went back to my doctor and he just called me just naturally clumsy which I found hurtful. It just feels like with my age (23 years) and it being mild, it's like I need help but everytime I try, I just get brushed off. Sorry for this being long.
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Re: Advice?

Postby Steph » Sun May 03, 2015 10:03 pm

Is going privately an option for you? I know that it is very expensive but NHS waiting lists are long and, like you said, you may be dismissed because you are an adult and your symptoms may be perceived as mild. With children, I would advise against private diagnosis as a lot of schools will not accept private diagnoses but I don't think universities are strict with that sort of thing. I understand if financially it's not viable for you but, if it is, it might be the way to go.
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