Jennifer’s Story

On october 21,1984- I was born healthy and doctors said that i had no problems that they could see.
From birth- my mom notice i had a weak suck and also called lazy suck,I had trouble with taking a bottle.
My mom kept complaining to the Doctors that something is wrong with me and they said that she was just hypercondriating and making it sound worse and that i was not throwing up like my mom said.
My mom would feed me at the doctor’s office but i would never throw up there. It was frustrating for her.
From birth to age that i was drinking formula i would throw up the formula and it shot accross the room when i threw up.
From Birth to age 3 1/2 years old my mom went to doctor to tell them all i do is cry and nothing helps stop me from crying.
At the age between 2 1/2 -3 1/2 years old -my mom had a therapist at our house that was for my big sister, and when the speech therapist was there, my mom asked her to take a look at me and she had me tested and speech therapist and my parents decided to put me in preschool at the age of 4. My mom had to check schools out and she found a school that i could go to that name was The little flower,I was in a class with kids my age but didn’t communicate or play with other kids.
At the age of about between 5 1/2-6 years old- I started kindergarten at a school that the high school was also in. I had a teacher named Mrs. Adams and she waited one semester to tell my mom that she couldn’t teach kids like me and This teacher had me sit in a corner and play with dolls. The teacher was teaching the other kids but wouldn’t teach me. I didn’t play with others and only played by myself.
In 1991 i was taken out of that school and put in another school that was teaching me. From kindergarten to grade 1 and age 6-7 years old i was going to amy beverland. I had to take naps those 2 years also.
From age 7 1/2 -10 years old and grade 2-4 i went to a school called brook park elementary. I was given speech therapy and physical therapy,and occupational therapy.
I was diagnosed between the age of 4-7 years old with: severe developmental delayed.
In preschool at age 4 i was diagnosed with mental retardation.
At the age of between 4-7 years old i am guessing with deafness.
I was diagnosed with expressive and receptive speech and language disordrs in preschool -2nd grade and was all severe. also at age 4-7 years old.
At the age of 7 i was diagnosed with poor eye hand coordination and weak ankles and poor fine motor skills and trouble with motor skills and was put in a 1st grade gym class and was in 2nd grade.
From age 8-10 – I was doing pretty good in school, I did have my behavior problems but school take care of that.
From grade 5- and age 10 1/2 -12 1/2 – I was tested and said that my social skills was at a 4 year old level. i was also 8 years behind.
I had no therapys and only speech therapy in age 10 1/2 -12 1/2 and never seen a therapist ever again till later down the road.
In middle school and age 12 1/2 -15 years old – I struggled in school and had trouble with doing my work. At the age of 15 1/2 -19 years old i was in high school and was struggling still. I was said that i had low writing skills and there was lots things that was wrote about me.
In grade school from ages i can remember 5th grade-12th grade i had trouble with change and it was so much upsetting for me. I was also age 10 1/2 -19 years old.

I will stop for now , and i am at the library so getting off now.

thanks for reading, i hope i didn’t bored you to death.